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Kiersten Toye
September 15, 2017

How GIFs Exist in B2B

Thirty years ago, Steve Wilhite introduced the world to the visual phenomenon known as GIF files. Since then, GIFs have become the virtual mascots of social expression, popularized by the general public. Despite being more relative to B2C media, the usage of GIFs in varied content provides levels of interactivity and benefits for B2B companies.

Digital Advertising


Advertising is an essential tactic that brands execute to gain the attention of their target audience. With global brands investing more than $400 billion on advertising in 2016, and digital ads accounting for 36.7% of that year’s total ad spend, stand-out visuals are undoubtedly  important factors of successful campaigns. GIFs allow brands to display multiple visuals and interchangeable copy within a single ad space. This opportunity ultimately helps you deliver a more thorough message to audiences than a static image.

Email Marketing












How many messages are sent to your inbox each week? Tens, hundreds, or even thousands? The commonality of excessive emails is countered by the reality that delivered emails often go unopened. However, B2B companies can increase their emails’ click-through rates up to 26% when GIFs are embedded into them.

There are a number of ways GIFs can be used for email. For client onboarding email, you can include GIFs such as an animated company logo or a personalized welcome image bordering the main text. While creating event marketing collateral such as invitations to conferences or holiday parties, you can design GIFs that showcase items such as the event venue, its food menu items or even a general celebratory image that promotes a layer of liveliness to your overall message.

Help Center Visuals












Companies typically supply a help center, either as main website section or its own site, that hosts imperative how-tos and FAQs for their inquiring clients. Generally, people are able to recall 65% of received information from up to three days ago if that information is paired with relevant images. Thus, teaching clients to properly operate your B2B product or service becomes easier when instructional imagery is involved.

GIF files tend to be the happy medium between just adding a basic, static visual like a screenshot and spending excessive time scripting, producing and editing a client-facing video.

Social Media Marketing




GIF images are more than just a social media trend. Twitter fans accessed its library of free GIF content to share over 100 million GIFs across the platform in 2015. Such activity prompted Facebook to include GIFs as a comment feature in the summer of 2017. Now as prevalent as emojis or digital stickers, it’s not unheard of for  B2B companies to share their social news alongside a custom GIF.

Computing company IBM, for instance, pairs links to news articles or product announcements with custom, eye-catching GIFs to increase their post’s chances of viewability and engagement.

Website Design



A Nielsen Norman Group web content study revealed that people visiting web pages spent 10% more time viewing images than reading copy. In an age of visual learners, B2B websites must accommodate clients’ preference to well-crafted imagery. Properly merging GIFs with copy on a website helps you draw your leads to important selling points of your product. Highlighting such details cause increases customers’ clarity as well as conversions.

Including GIFs in content visualization efforts aides B2B businesses with communicating their brand’s message and value across their desired audiences.



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