How long will Mindy make it in Haiti?

As the Fall approaches its all about the new seasons of our favorite shows from Homeland, Bones, New Girl and Mindy Project. Mindy Project season was an entertaining ride. This freshman sitcom is renewing for the second season premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.


Mindy's relationship with Casey was the best thing to happen to her. She and Casey was working out hilarious long distance relationship, while relationships are hard work and tough choices, and Mindy's never wanted anything more than a nice man to want to be in a serious relationship with her. Mindy's decision to go to Haiti was very out of character and her coworkers showed just how well they knew her with their betting pool. But it was sweet for the office threw Mindy and Casey a going-away party! 

Casey bid her adieu, but there was little time for Mindy as she, Danny and Jeremy were called to deliver the triplets. We all saw her taking her profession serious now!

As Mindy ran to the hospital she revealed her new hairstyle, Mindy's chopped her hair short in an attempt to win Casey back and show him that she's serious about going to Haiti and Danny's told his ex-wife that he wants to take things slow.

Perhaps the best scene was an innocuous intimate moment between friends proved to be something more: the spark! It was there, between Mindy and Danny and hoping that the kiss would finally be. But, Mindy's gotten back together with Casey and is going to Haiti, she explained, and things go back to normal. we will have to wait for another week to see what has happened. 



But seems like a lot of changes could be seen in the season 2 . As James Franco (Paul leotard) has taken Mindy's place at the Hospital. Franco plays a charismatic and a well-liked doctor and now that she is back from Haiti to New York, Mindy tries to regain her spot in the practice.