Two down and 2 compete for the title of Master Chef

Did you watch the top 4 compete for the title of Master Chef on Wednesday? it was again a 2-hour episode with 2 eliminations in a day. The first hour where one of the hated contestant leaves the show was "absolutely" a drama. 

Literally it was a cock-fight show in the kitchen, with teams of two, Luca strategically chose Natasha while poor Jessie was left with Krissi. Jessie's expression felt that she was in a nightmare. Jessie kept calling Krissi a cow. Things got nasty in the kitchen when Krissi spouted "I am literally gonna take this hot pan and smash it in [Jessie's] face" and when Jessie couldn't resist that she was struggling with simple crepes and  she left the kitchen saying “I have to get out of this kitchen right now or I am seriously gonna go to jail today.” basically Jessie to finish everything where Krissi walks into the kitchen with only 2 minutes and whips up a chantilly cream to go on with some apples.

Judges obviously chose Jessie and krissi for the pressure test - they did not in any way work as a team. while, Luca and Natasha moved to the top 3. Jessie and Krissi were given the toughest elimination challenge to prepare 3 most difficult chocolate desserts Chef Graham Elliot's decadent chocolate mousse, Chef Gordon's Chocolate souffle and Chef Bastianich's delicious chocolate lava cake.

With only 90 minutes to cook and present the desserts Krissi struggled with souffle while Jessie added a little salt to elevate the taste of chocolate souffle which Gordon really loved. Poor Joe he never got to replicate his feeling of cutting the delicious lava cake.  

Jessie finally won over Krissi and finally she is out with so much drama, may be this season ran just to see what Krissi is up to?! 

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Second episode was less drama and more cooking with a lot of emphasis on technique and strategy. Top 3 had to elevate their audition dishes, Natasha with her empanadas and skirt steak, Luca has Broccoli rabe ravioli and Jessie has Sea-bass en route.  

Jesse won the challenge, with Natasha in the second place and Luca was last. Jessie gets an advantage and chooses Kobe Beef, Natasha chose Alaskan King Crab and Luca was left with Grana Padano cheese. WOW! what an advantage for Luca?! 

Jessie makes veggie and noodles with her kobe beef, Natasha makes a cold yakisoba noodle salad with her crab and Luca does a stuffed veal cutlet filled with grana padano along with frico. Luca appeared to have quite an edge given his ingredient.


Natasha nails her cold salad, while Luca's dish is a bit heavy(as usual). Jesse makes a big mistake in leaving her papaya slaw off her plate in favor of the veggies and noodles.Why would Jesse choose something that she hasn't cooked before? (challenge herself?)  It seems as though Luca should be heading home, plus we think Natasha and Jesse have been more consistent than he has this season. But, things changed a bit when Natasha was sent for the finale and the judges picked Jesse to go home instead of Luca? That was a big surprise for me! Feel sorry for her!

Nevertheless, Lets wait and watch who will be the winner and take home the title of Master Chef. 


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