Parks and Recreation season 6 recap!

Some of our Favorite shows that premiered yesterday are :

 #ParksandRec Season 6 8PM on NBC, #Parenthood Season 5 10PM on NBC

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 8PM on CBS, Vampire Diaries 8PM on CW 

Glee The Music 9PM on FOX . Two And A Half Man 9:30pm on CBS

Here is a small recap on Parks&Rec


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Parks and Recreation season 6 premiered at 10PM It was an awesome start for this season revealing the long awaited guessing "who is pregnant" and Ron is going to have a baby and oh! he gets married to Diane! As the episode takes us to London, Leslie receives  International Coalition of Women in Government — an honor she’s receiving courtesy of April’s very sweet nomination. As she fins out in London that her her own people hate her, she takes it on the speech at the award ceremony referring Pawnee "a bunch of Pee-pee heads" but eventually with Ron's support she comes back around thanking her tireless cheerleaders, Ben and April.

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In the meanwhile, Andy and Ben meet with a wealthy Lord about expanding their charity overseas, he gets to like Andy and with April's support Andy stays in London for 3 months. Leslie gifts Ron a tour of London and ends up in Scotland where he gets to taste the true "Scotch" and happy to have accepted his wedding gift. On the other side of the pond, So on the rest of the characters : Ann is pregnant with Chris's baby, when Tom’s unknown Rent-a-Swag rival turns out to be Jean-Ralphio’s dad and the rest is he how he tries to fight back his friend's dad.

Leslie is back to her town and tries to clear her acquisition and connects with April, when she writes a very sweet letter to Pawnee defending their bad aqusitions against Leslie. 

All in all it was a perfect opening to this show! Can't wait for more episodes to come. But as Leslie and Ben are married and buying house together, will Leslie get pregnant like all other women are in the show?