Newsroom finishes its Second season

I know I am two days late but I cant resist to write how the season 2 ended emotionally on a happy note. For all the confusion and bad press during this season I would say the show ended pretty well although it was more like series finale. 


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The Election Part 2 episode was all about playing safe and gaining trust of the public. When faced with a decision whether or not to run the General Petraeus story, they choose not to, though it meant a rating boost for ACN. Meanwhile Jim mistakenly called of Michigan instead of Mississippi too soon and Maggie supports him and hides it from the News night crew. Jim and Maggie finally regain their friendship and Maggie is made to confess why she cut her own hair and that it was the little boy in Uganda loved her Blonde hair. On the other side Sloan finds out that Don was the one who bought the book and she acknowledges her feeling for him. 

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In the beginning of the episode Charlie Will and Mac badly wants to resign from their jobs but later they came to know that Reese was one making the decision. Charlie is in deep thinking and later realizes that it was Jerry Dantana's fault and asks Will" When did we decide Genoa was an institutional failure? Am not resigning my job"


As the NewsNight covers "Not so complicated" presidential election night, Will realizes that he can't force Mac to take all the blame for Genoa nor the fact that their relationship didn't work. He quickly reaches for his briefcase finds the key and grabs the quarter-million-dollar ring that he had previously told Mac that it was "a practical joke" . He finds Mac and takes her offstage and pulls out the ring apologizing that it was not a joke and confesses his love for her - Mac says Yes to it.  It was an emotional scene for Newsroom this season where nobody though they will get back together and that Will will ever forgive Mac.

In the meantime Reese Enters the Newsroom with his date and mom and affirms that he won't accept the resignation and will give Dantana the money only if the court order's him to do so and Charlie reverts back saying they aren't planning to resign. While there is  an argument. Will enters the room and happily announces the no one is resigning and Mrs. Mac McAvoy. 

In the last scene Maggie Hears an yellow Alert on the screen, although she is unsure if she can be the real News-person but anyway clicks the alert. What would that alert be? I think that's what is waiting for us to see in the third season. Although the dates haven't been officially released we will have to trust Jeff (Will McAvoy) on this.

Although it was like any other episode, it had a dramatic and happy ending which many of the viewers would't expect from Newsroom.