MasterChef Season Finale: And the Winner is....

Season 4 of MasterChef has come to an end with two highly-skilled and competitive chefs Luca and Natasha against each other to battle for $250,000, a cookbook and the title of the best home cook in America.


MC - finale.jpg

It was a high stacks competition yesterday with the two chefs competing fiercely for the title. They had to cook the judges 3 dishes Appetizer, Entree and dessert. 

I had predicted Natasha as the winner early in the season, but in the last few weeks Luca did emerged as a risk-taker who basically giving the judges the richest meal of their lives.

MC - Na.jpg

Tell me about the first course Duck Liver and Natasha made Scallop dish with seaweed couscous! Chef Ramsay couldnt eat the whole thing nor Luca's second course which screamed richness for the judges. Whereas Natasha put up a refined plate with monk-fish, wrapped in a cow’s stomach lining (nasty!!) but Chef Elliot apparently loved it and for him this is the best presented dish in the MasterChef history. 

But Luca gave Chef Ramsey and Joe a hearty and a satisfying meal, meanwhile the dessert round was a panna cotta showdown. Both chef made some errors in that round. It came down to who took the risk and delivered the best restaurant quality dish?!