Nielsen Finds a Causal Relationship between TV and Tweets: "Everyone needs Insticator"

Nielsen, a top measurement company that allows other businesses to understand consumer behaviors, has just released an article explaining the causal relationship between TV views and tweets. 

 Nielsen explains,

"By analyzing minute-to-minute trends in Nielsen’s live TV ratings and tweets for 221 broadcast primetime program episodes using Nielsen’s SocialGuide, the study found that live TV ratings had a meaningful impact in related tweets among 48 percent of the episodes sampled. The results also showed that the volume of tweets caused significant changes in live TV ratings among 29 percent of the episodes."

Basically, the more people tweet about a show, the more likely the rating for that program will high. Likewise, the higher the rating a show has, the more likely it is to be tweeted about.  

The study also found that that the impact of tweets on a TV show's rating varied by genre.  



To check out the whole Nielsen article, click here.

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