The Newsroom - Operation Genoa and the consequences ACN faces!

Season 2 of The Newsroom has been all but flashbacks and the screwups in the team. This episode features the ACN reports' about the alleged use of Sarin Gas by the U.S troops. Episode - Red Team  III starts off with a scary lawsuit of wrongful termination from producer Jerry Dantana accusing of Institutional failure and that he was made the "scapegoat". 

It seems ridiculous to me as he was the one who cooked that Stomtonovich interview. Was it an act of revenge on his part or did the team overlook the evidence? this episode says it all.  Turns out that another key witness who came forward for the interview and a tv session, suffered a traumatic brain injury in the past and that makes him a questionable witness. Apparently, Charlie's Pentagon witness, was on a revenge mission against him and ACN for firing his son.

As the network Lawyer Rebecca and her team scrutinizes the Red Team III, we learn that YES, Mac, Charlie and Will overlooked the evidences, inspite of Jim and Don's objections to the allegation. 

Now that the NewsNight wrongly accused the U.S Government and that their credibility is shot, Charlie, Will and Mac go to hand in their resignations to Leona Lansing stating that it was an institutional failure and lost the trust of the public. Ms.Lansing burst out that "You will resign when I fire you out of petty malice and not before". The episode ends as Lawyer Rebecca suddenly popped in and advised her against accepting their resignations.  


Take a look at the Inside Episode #7 narrated by Aaron Sorkin himself. 

So, what do you think will happen to Mac, Charlie and Will?  will Jerry get his the money? will it be a winning situation for ACN as Leona and Rebecca try to rescue the team and the team gaining the public trust? and will Will McAvoy forgive Mac? make your predictions and users can win points that can be later traded in for prizes in our rewards section.