Dexter -Top of the prediction list

Dexter seems to be on top of our prediction list, making us question what will really happen to Dexter? and will there be a spinoff? so if you'd like to play the game make your prediction and let us know what you predict as the season/show draws to the end.

The crew has given us 8 season's of an amazing, nerve wrecking and blood shedding episodes. With only few episodes remaining in the 8th season where there is a lot going on in Dexter's life, its time to see what each crew member has to say about the show. Deb points out in the clip below featured on showtime that the show "Is a lot of red a lot of blood but there's certainly a lot of grey too".  This clip "Reminiscing Dexter" shows how we fans have taken Dexter to a whole new level. 


Previous cast members join the current cast to reminisce about Dexter.

Dexter/Michael C. Hall seems to be cool guy which is totally different from the screen. On an interview with Conan says he wants dexter to die in a funny way. He wants Dexter to maybe "represent himself in court-gets himself off and as he is walking on the courthouse steps- gets hit by a bus." has be been thinking how dexter will die all this while? Take a look at the video below