Sneak peek at last week's MasterChef - "Top 6 Compete"

Hope you all watched the Top 6 home cooks compete for the title of Masterchef last week. If not and if you don't remember, here is a small recap for you. 

In the last week's challenge, home cooks were taske d to re-create Mod-chinese cuisine including Appetizers and Entrees at Wp24 a fine-dining, downtown Los Angeles restaurant.  

With a limited time to prep, cook and serve, the two teams struggled to recreate the dishes demonstrated by the chef, there was another nightmare in the horizon:Gordon has volunteered to serve as expediter! I think it was much better than watching him expedite on "Hell's Kitchen". Coming back to the home chefs, Luca on the appetizer round had a tough time steaming tricky Scallops,“I have no idea what’s going on! This supposed to be put the dumplings in the steamer, the steamer cooks them for you!”

As the team of Jessie,Luca and Natasha successfully put together the appetizer course, it was time for the Blue team - Bri, Krissi and James, entrees going out late at the dinner service, it was Krissi's turn to burn and crash the entree as she operates a wok “with the finesse of 22 drunk bulls in a China shop,”. She adds that it was not on purpose and she totally forgot what to do! Alas, Chef Graham came to the rescue and taught her the real trick in using the wok. Would you like to get a sneak peak at the  Appetizer and  entree service? What do you think happened?

Luca's Appetizer

Later, the losing team of Bri, James and Krissi faced the heated pressure test, Where each of them had to execute perfect plate of Fried Calamari and Marinara Sauce. I thought Krissi was going to eliminated(Finally) but its a game anything can change! Bri gave a raw Calamari worse than Krissi's and said her final adieu to the MasterChef Kitchen. Bri was a creative and awesome cook  better than Krissi, I think Krissi has some kind of trick to not get eliminated but always be one of them in the dreaded elimination challenge. 

What do you think readers? Will krissi move on and stay up to judges expectations? 

As you are eagerly awaiting for the Top 5 compete episode tomorrow at 8/7c on Fox. Take a look at 2 All-New Hours of MasterChef -