What To Watch From Monday To Monday: Fall 2013

TV shows' ends and beginnings of seasons coming on our way! If you, watchers, are starting to feel a little bit of anxiety and can relate it to having set up your DVR all over again for the new bunch of shows, we got you!

Keep your eyes and programming fingers alert while reading this blog. 

First things first, we gotta finish what we've started. We brought you a quick reminder of the upcoming season finales, so you don't miss those.

As we, at Insticator, are mastering at predicting, we sort of figured you might have been a little too busy or too lazy. Am I right?

If so, it's time to cut the slack and update your predictions. We made it easier than hooking up with the Jersey Shore crew for you (ha-ha)! Click on the links below and make your predictions while it's still time. Now on to the marks on your calendar:

September 10 is the time for Rizzoli and Isles to say goodbye. What are your last predictions on the show? 

September 12, is the day when we will finally find out Michael's destiny? 

The Newsroom ends on September 15. How will the relationship miscellaneous be left off at the end? 

September 22 is the so anticipated time for Dexter and Ray Donovan fans. 

What do you think Dexter's last season finale will bring? 

Will Ray overcome all the issues he has to deal with?

Done with what is ending, now you have no excuse. Don't forget to pump up your points by predicting what's going to happen!

Next step is to decide what will get you glued to your favorite chair/bed side. Insticator is here to hook you up with the best tips on what to watch Sunday to Sunday during fall! 

  • Sundays: 

Revenge, ABC at 9 p.m. 

The Good Wife, CBS at 9 p.m. 


Betrayal, ABC at 10 p.m. (new)

The Mentalist, CBS at 10 p.m. 


  • Mondays: 

The Voice, NBC at 8 p.m. 

Dancing With the Stars on ABC, at 8 p.m.

Bones, FOX at 8 p.m. 

Hostages, CBS at 10 p.m. (new) 


  •  Tuesdays:

Supernatural, CW at 9pm. 

New Girl, Fox 9 pm. 

Person of Interest, CBS at 10pm. 

  • Wednesdays:

Nashville, ABC at 10pm. 

The X Factor, NBC at 8pm. 

  • Thursdays: 

Vampire Diaries, CW at 8pm. 

Parks & Recreation, NBC at 8pm. 


Glee, FOX at 9pm. 

Two And A Half Man, CBS at 9:30pm

  • Fridays: 

Masterchef Junior, FOX at 8pm (new) 

The Carrie Diaries, CW at 8pm. 

Shark Tank, ABC at 9pm. 

America's Next Top Model, CW at 9pm. 

Blue Bloods, CBS at 10pm.