Geek Beat Wants You To Take Your TV Addiction To A New Level

The press is just loving us! Chad Ettelbrick over at Geek Beat spent some time on Insticator and had so much fun making predictions about "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead" that he just had to give us a review. His post gave us praise along with some constructive criticism (which we always welcome) and after we did a little happy dance to celebrate, we got right back to working on Insticator making it even bigger and better.

By now, you have to be asking yourself why you haven't signed up yet because we certainly are! Summer shows are coming to an end which means predictions with big point values will be ending soon, so now is your chance to rack up those points. 

Everyday we're creating and uploading new predictions for our users and each day we're one step closer to giving you guys the awesome rewards we're always talking about. If all of this isn't convincing you that you need to get on Insticator, I don't know what will. Maybe when your friends brag about the sweet prize they get from us just because they correctly predicted who will win "America's Got Talent," perhaps then you'll want to join us in predicting your favorite TV shows.