True Blood Recap: "At Last" We Are Back On Top

Who said True Blood  wasn't good anymore? Certainly not this guy. After this week's episode titled, "At Last," the haters better recognized that this series is back to its original glory. Yeah, I said it, True Blood  is back on top.

Jessica eats faerie CROPPED.jpg

The focus of this season seems to be on Sookie and her ever mysterious vampire stalker, Warlow. This week, the southern beauty didn't even make it to the cold open before we learned that her hopeful capture was closer than she thought. As Jason lay suffering from the aftermath of a concussion, Ben surprised us all when he unhinged his fangs and dove them deep into his own wrist to supply Jason with his healing vampire blood. Yes, Ben the FAERIE is also Ben the VAMPIRE. Although at separate times, both Sookie and Niall realize that Ben must be Warlow. Can I be the first to say, duh? At no point in True Blood history has Sookie ever made out with a guy who wasn't some unheard of creature. Not only that but, what are the chances that Ben shows up just as Warlow reenters the dimension? What Warlow's intentions are with Sookie, we do not yet know. We do know however, how he feels about Niall. After suddenly developing a British accent, the ancient vampire drained Niall's blood and banished him to that other dimension he spoke so highly of (just kidding, he hated it.) Without her faerie grandfather and army of loyal followers, who will save Sookie now?


Speaking of people trying to save Sookie, Jason looked a lot better this week. After unknowingly ingesting some of Warlow's vampire/faerie blood, Jason began to experience some strange side effects. Not only is he back to working out and looking quite good while doing it, but he also starts to have dreams about his not-so female vampire donor. In the best scene we have seen on True Blood  in years, Jason has a very sexualized shaving dream about Warlow/Ben, or whatever it is he goes by these days. He even dreams of sucking the blood from Warlow's neck, which although is very hilarious and awkward, it is not a good way to wake up.   

Willa bloody CROPPED.jpg

Jason was not the only one to take an old vampire's blood this week though. In a shocking twist, Eric turned his hostage, the governor's daughter Willa, into his second progeny. I was getting a little tired of that virginal white nightgown girlfriend has been rocking, but I was not ready to see it covered in blood. While we are sure Eric knows what he is doing, he plan already seems to be unraveling. After Eric turned Willa, he ordered her to return to her father, so he might have sympathy over the war on vampires. He thought if the governor could see that all vampires were people once, he might give up on his dream to eliminate the vampire race. Great plan, said no one ever. As a new vampire, Willa was not able to control her animal impulses and almost immediately bit her own father once she smelled his open wound. Lucky for him, none other than Sarah Newlin herself was around when Willa attacked her dad. Not one to miss a beat, Sarah shot Willa with a silver bullet as she attempted to bite down on the governor's neck. While Willa lay screaming on the ground, Sarah ordered she be sent to the vampire camp and punished like the vampire she is. If I didn't love Anna Camp so much, I might be angry with her character, Sarah, but as it turns out I do love her so tough luck for Willa and Eric on this one.  


Luck hasn't really been on anyone's side this season, especially Andy's four faerie daughters. After transforming to young adults in their bed meant for Charlie Bucket's grandparents, the four girls decide to get out and live a little before they spontaneously get even older. The unnamed group sadly did not make it very far before they were stopped by Jessica, the most unconvincing teenager ever, who invites them to a "party" at Bill's house. If by party Jessica meant that an older guy would creepily take their blood, then she hit the nail on the head because that's exactly what happened. Bill manages to "sneakily" take two samples of the faeries' blood before they become suspicious and ask to leave. As Jessica tries to keep to girls entertained, Bill brings the samples to the kidnapped professor who is busy trying to synthesize their blood. Bill hopes that the synthesized faerie blood will allow vampires to become daywalkers but unfortunately for him, the magical qualities in the blood seem to evaporate once it leaves the host. However, a new True Blood becomes the least of Bill's worries when he walks in on Jessica draining all four faerie girls. Way to go, Jessica. We aren't quite sure if the girls are dead, but maybe after Bill sends Jessica to her room in the next episode, we will find out. 

Sam and Nicole kiss CROPPED.jpg

While there seemed to be other things going on in last night's episode, my attention was focused on the larger problems at hand. Apparently, Pam was captured and sent to the vampire experimentation camp. Maybe they can find a way to get her to stop whining? Also, Sam and Nicole kissed. Gross. Am I the only one who repeatedly tried to fast-forward through their kiss? I still don't even want to think about it. Over all, a big who cares to the whole werewolf/Nicole story line. Snore.

But at the end of the episode we are left with Sookie waiting on Ben/Warlow (seriously, what do we call him now?) for a silver-poisoned dinner. As we now know, normal vampire rules don't apply to Ben, and the poisoned food didn't kill him. In a second effort to destroy the vampire, Sookie pulls out her faerie ball of light and threatens Ben with it. Sadly for us, we won't find out until next week what Sookie's next move is. As a half faerie, we aren't sure if the light ball will actually hurt him or just make him stronger? This Warlow guy is creepy as hell but he's making season six worth watching. 

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