Movin on Up (We take TV personally) BAMM

While we are hard at work rolling out new stuff for the site everyday, we have to thank companies like StartupsFm for getting our name out there to the masses. In their frontpage article they go into detail with Insticator's founder and CEO Zack Dugow.  Dugow dives into what Insticator is tapping into and the future of social TV in general. 

Adding a gaming element to TV is something we have all been waiting for. There's not a person out there that hasn't been dying to perform an "I told you so," dance in front of their friends after an episode of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. And not that we don't love a good naked victory lap, but what's a better way to say "I told you so," than by showing off all the cool things you won on Insticator just for being right? With the ability to make predictions for almost every show on the air, we sincerely hope you can remember to eat, shower, and make yourself an all around presentable human being. At Insticator, we take TV personally because we know you do too. 

You know who else takes TV personally? The Internet. Insticator gives you the ability to make your TV watching a social event. If your friends aren't smart enough to keep up with Dexter or Homeland, have no fear, Insticator is here. Live commenting on all predictions allows you to compete with friends and total strangers, and make them eat HAM when they are wrong.  In fact you make em choke on that HAM and eggs. You may not be able to show off your winning ritual via the internet, but your killer skills will speak for themselves. 

Charlie Sheen won't be the only one who is "winning" and our way contains absolutely no cocaine or tiger's blood. Now you can win prizes just for sitting on your couch (clothing optional), watching TV and making predictions. If that's that s*** you do like, start gaming on our site today. With Insticator, watching TV really does pay off.