Last Week's Top 5 Predictions

Last week you guys were all about making predictions for "True Blood" and "Modern Family." While "Homeland" had many of you stumped and made its return for a second week in a row on our list. What about these got you talking? Were they obvious answers or were you completely dumbfounded by the possibilities?

 Despite the unfortunate news last season that Cameron and Mitchell wouldn't be able to adopt the baby boy they had planned on bringing into their family, things may be looking up for the two. They may now be able to get married and who knows they might attempt to adopt another baby. You'll have to watch the premiere on September 25th to find out what's next for the couple.

Sookie and Warlow got down and dirty in the woods which could potentially result in a baby because what else would that mysterious light be from? If Sookie is carrying Warlow's baby, what kind of child or should we say vampire/faerie/human would they be? "True Blood" keeps getting crazier and crazier by the minute, there's no telling what these vampires and faeries will do next.

 Warlow and Sookie certainly have an interesting relationship. Now that the two know each other pretty well, are they going to get married? If so, that would mean Sookie would have to become a vampire and we can't see her doing that anytime soon. Then again, just maybe it's possible for a vampire and faerie to live happily ever after.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 3.55.58 PM.png

Did Sookie steal light from Warlow? 

Sookie and Warlow hook up in the woods caused sparks to fly, literally. We're not 100% sure why that light appeared when Sookie and Warlow were having sex, but maybe Sookie had some secret plan. Could it all have been some evil plan to steal Warlow's light, maybe she's not even into Warlow and is just using him. 

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The possibility of there being a mole on "Homeland" still has a lot of you hung up. What if the writers threw us a curveball and there is no mole? At Showtime's TCA panel a teaser for season 3 was released, but it didn't show us much. In fact, it didn't show anything at all. Watch it below.


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