Oh the Volmanity! Falling Skies Season Finale Thoughts.

Season three of TNT's acclaimed Sci-fi drama Falling Skies will be wrapping up next Sunday. This has been a fast paced and intense season with many noticeable improvements. I particularly enjoyed the pacing and character development, especially with Pope. The success is all thanks to the great performances, direction, writing, etc that will hopefully continue into the last hour! It's also very exciting that the series will be returning next summer for a fourth season. However, many unanswered questions still remain as the epic conclusion draws nearer. There's no doubt that the social TV sphere will blow up with content around what comes next for Tom and the 2nd Mass resistance.  

Should have packed this much heat on ER 

Should have packed this much heat on ER 

Can we really trust these guys? 

Can we really trust these guys? 

For starters, the big running question all season long has been whether or not the Volm, our convenient and occasionally mysterious alien allies can really be trusted. They claim that they are here to help humans defeat the Espheni and will do so with the aid of a mysterious weapon that can bring down the Espheni defense system and allow the Volm and humans to seize the day. More details keep emerging about this strange weapon, which is now trapped under the destroyed Volm compound.  We of course feel bad that we lost all of our Volm friends on Earth due to that pesky and evil mole! We at least did not lose our favorite Volm, Cochise.


Dr. Kadar will have to work with Cochise to get the device up and running in order to save the planet. This is another crucial "what if" situation. Kadar seems to always save everyone with his vast scientific intelligence and natural intuitiveness with technology. Will he and Cochise be able to pull it off and in adequate time? What if the whole thing simply blows up in their faces, literally? Again, the device could possibly be meant to harm the resistance. But with the three month radiation problem becoming more bleak, and no other alternative in sight, the resistance will have no choice but to trust that the Volm weapon will do as Cochise claims it is meant to do and save us all!  


The mole has finally been uncovered and confronted at last. This is definitely a positive step forward for the resistance. No one would have suspected Lourdes of being a traitor. It's a good thing Tom was able to piece together the clues. Hopefully now with the mole captured, the explosions and sabotage will stop. I'm going to assume and hope that there aren't anymore moles, but what will happen to Lourdes now and her eye worms? Citizens in Charleston still distrust Hal even after his bugs were removed. They will likely react with even more resentment knowing one of their doctors that they trusted with their lives was working against them secretly the whole time. Can the same dangerous Espheni method of removing the worms that saved Hal also be used to help our beloved and up until recently, trusted doctor? Let's hope the bugs aren't too attached for her to pull through.

anne glass baby alive crop.jpg

Finally,  there is the issue of Anne and Alexis's apparent death. Tom believed Karen when she informed him and has taken his rage back with him to Charleston. But aren't we forgetting something? Alexis is part alien. Why would Karen go through all that trouble to create the hybrid human alien baby just to kill her off? Wouldn't it make sense to use the alien baby for a strategy? It is quite possible that they are in fact alive and still hostages to the Espheni. There is discussion online about whether or not Karen was just tricking Tom in order to break his spirit down. Tom was also under the influence of the alternate reality device Karen used on him. She could have easily placed the bodies in the simulation. Considering how important and significant Anne has been so far, it would certainly be a shame for her to just die abruptly. 

Overall, things may finally start to slowly improve for the resistance now with the capture of the mole and continuing cooperation with Cochise. There's no telling what's coming in the epic conclusion. See Will Wheaton discuss the most recent episode with some of the cast and crew on 2nd watch!