"Rizzoli & Isles" Are At It Again

“Rizzoli & Isles” has returned for its fourth season on TNT and picks up three months after where the season finale left off. Maura Isles went through with the surgery to give her kidney to her sick half-sister, Cailin and though Maura is physically better, emotionally she is not. Despite Maura telling Hope not to contact her after the surgery, she secretly wished she would have reached out, but Hope didn't. It isn't until months later when Maura is spying on Cailin that she finds out how the other half of her family is doing.


So far this season has explored a number of relationships, Maura and her newly discovered family (will Maura and Hope reconcile?), Jane and Casey (will Jane and Casey become an item?), Jane and Martinez and rumors of a love life for Maura. Will it be another Rizzoli?

Season four looks promising for Maura, in previous seasons all Maura ever wanted was to find out who her biological mother was. Now that she knows, she wishes she never found out. Since the two met, Hope has done nothing but cause Maura pain and though she should cut the cord on their struggling relationship Maura can't because she's suddenly grown closer to Cailin. Plus, her biological father is going on trial for murder and the feds are following the whole family. 

Jane can't or won't shake her bad relationships. It appears that Casey has fully recovered from his misdiagnosed spinal injury and he tells Jane that after he returns from Afghanistan he wants to start a relationship with her. The second episode, "In Over Your Head" also brings back an old partner of Jane's who causes a lot of tension throughout the department. At first Jane won't go into details with Maura about the nature of her and Martinez's relationship and like Maura you have to admit it, you thought Jane slept with Martinez too. Turns out Martinez and Jane worked undercover together and while on an assignment their CI was killed. By the end of the episode the two end up in an eerily similar situation, except this time it's not a civilian's life on the line, it's Jane's brother Frankie. Luckily, everyone makes it out alive and the bad guy is apprehended.

Amidst all the of drama Rizzoli & Isles are still fighting and solving crimes together, though many are quite forgettable. This season will further explore Jane and Maura's personal life, which if you were a big fan of the first two seasons, you may be a bit disappointed with season four.

Next week's episode has Jane and Maura in a church, but for what? Are there wedding bells in the future for one of them? Check out the preview for next week's episode, then make your prediction