Last Week's Top 5 Predictions

This past week you've shown us what your favorite TV shows are by visiting their prediction pages in record numbers. You predicted if Harrison will find out that Dexter is a serial killer, questioned who the mole is on "Homeland" and wondered how the tribes will be constructed on "Survivor."  

Check out the rest of the top five predictions from this past week.

Will Harrison find out Dexter is a serial killer? 
As "Dexter" comes to an end this year, we can only wonder if Harrison will find out about his father's "job" that he always seems to be going away to. Could an older Harrison finally put the pieces together at the end of the series and realize who his father really is?

Which series will Elisabeth Moss win for?
The nominees for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards were announced this past week and Elisabeth Moss received two nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress. Her role of Robin in "Top of the Lake" earned her a nomination for Lead Actress in a Movie or Miniseries and Peggy from "Mad Men" gave her her second nod for Lead Actress in a Drama. Elisabeth has already been nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama series three times so will she get lucky and win this year? She has some competition in both categories, especially since two time winner, Claire Danes is nominated again, but will Elisabeth be able to snag at least one win?

How will the tribes be constructed?
Filming for the 27th season of "Survivor" has already begun, but few people seem  to know what's going down in the Philippines. When it was announced earlier this summer that "Survivor"'s theme would be blood versus water, rumors started to swirl about what that meant. Fans began to speculate that past castaways would be coming back and bring along a family member. This was semi-confirmed and fans of the show then began to wonder how the tribes would be constructed. Would it be family members against fan favorites or would it be completely random? There's still no official word on how the tribes will be formed, so you'll have to tune into the season premiere in September.

Who's the mole?
Is there or isn't there a mole in the CIA on "Homeland?" Some fans are completely against there being a mole, while others are still convinced that Brody is evil. Here's another twist, what if Saul is the mole? He did tell Carrie to stay away from the memorial service, which he didn't attend and now that Estes is dead he has been promoted within the CIA. These are all plausible explanations for how the enemies are receiving all of the valuable information.


Will Bill die?
 Last season's "True Blood" finale showed Bill drinking Lilith's blood which turned him into a crazy bloody mess. It also caused him to start having visions, which may lead up to his demise. Will Bill die at the end of this season as a result of him drinking Lilith's blood or will he continue to be immortal?

If you didn't predict what the majority did, don't worry, we love everyone the same, but we can't help but wonder why did you predict what you did? Let us know!