Insticator in the Media

Is there anything better than correctly predicting something about your favorite TV show? Absolutely! How about correctly predicting something and then winning prizes for it? Insticator lets you do just that, plus chat with others to see what they're thinking is going to happen on the series finale of "Dexter" or who the mole is on "Homeland."

So you've made your first prediction, now what? Make more predictions, watch your favorite shows to see if you were right. If you were lucky enough (Skilled Really!!!!) to make a correct prediction, cross your fingers and make another prediction. The more correct predictions you make, the more points you can collect. Now what value do these points have? Nothing at the moment, but very soon we'll be rolling out our rewards section where you'll be able to shop for all sorts of awesome prizes. 

Also, did we mention that not only does Insticator cover scripted shows, but you can win points for predicting who will take home the most awards at the Emmys and other award shows. Instead of bragging to your friends that you knew who was going to win best drama, why not brag you knew who was going to win AND that you won a prize for it?

Natan Edelsburg from LostRemote recently sat down and spoke with our founder Zack Dugow to picked his brain about what Insticator. So just in case you need one more reason why you should be using Insticator, check out Natan's article about Insticator and it's awesomeness.

Now that you have all the reasons you could possibly need, head over to Insticator and start predicting.