Breaking Bad Final Half Getting Closer and Closer! The Suspense is Painful

AMC's "Breaking Bad" has had one hell of a good run thus far. Incredible show is just an understatement and it is undeniable. Gripping, exciting, and suspenseful are but a few of the many ways to describe the unique hit drama. The Internet buzz has been growing and growing as the August 11th premier draws closer. Many fans are obsessively browsing through fan forums, the show's reddit page, and other media outlets to discuss and predict what might happen in the series' climactic conclusion.  



Who will live? Who will die? What's up with the M60 machine gun in the back of Walt's trunk? Will Skyler cave and turn herself in? What will Hank do now that he knows everything? There are so many unanswered questions. Let's face it. We want these new episodes and we want them now! The suspense is becoming extremely difficult to deal with. We can definitely expect very bold choices on the writers' parts as they have shown us throughout. Lots of unexpected twists can in turn be expected as well. (haha)  

 #teampinkman&schrader per chance?

 #teampinkman&schrader per chance?

A recent post to twitter by Dean Norris who plays Hank shows a picture of Norris and Aaron Paul who plays Jesse standing next to each other. Many have been wondering if Jesse will finally realize just how frighteningly dangerous his business partner has become and fear for his own life. This could result in Jesse going to Hank to work out some sort of deal by cooperating in order to bring the infamous Heisenberg down. Imagine how this development would affect Walter. He has trusted Jesse this whole time and he has been loyal. This could all change now that Walter is completely on top. Hank might not be able to bring himself to confront his own brother in law. By working with Jesse, some sort of compromise might be reached possibly. Hank might also have to fear for his own life if Walter does the unthinkable and tries to kill him in order to protect himself. It's all up the air with these ideas!


There's also Walter and Skyler's mortality to consider. Who do you want to survive more?  

It's become apparent that lots of fans do not like Skyler anymore. Various memes and discussion forums predict that she might bite the bullet this second half. What if she decides to turn herself in? She might just try to work out a deal with Hank and save herself so that at least she can take care of the family. The flash-forward scene where we see Walter breaking the bacon pieces at the restaurant into his birthday number the way Skyler does is possibly giving a hint that the she is no longer a part of Walter's life by the time he is 52. This might just mean that she became so fed up with what her husband does that she left him. It could also mean that through some fault of Walter's, she was killed.     


Or what about Walter's true arch nemesis this whole time that has really been placed on the back burner?  The reason for all of this crazy events and happenings in the show: the cancer! After everything he has been through, will this be what actually was going to bring him down all along? Maybe he'll go out in a hail of bullets using that big machine gun! As we have learned however, one does not simply take down Walter White. Many speculate that he will have to meet his end in some way by the end of the season. Jesse might even be the one to take him down. I'm getting ready to be on the edge of my seat with this one!

The final episodes are only getting closer. In the remaining days, the media outlets will keep exploding with new theories and predictions for what is to come next. We'll just have to wait and then stay tuned! For a longer look into the final half, check out the cast discussing the conclusion below.