Who Ya gonna call? Ray Donovan!

The intense season premier of Showtime's new crime drama, Ray Donovan, introduced us to what is shaping up to be yet another amazing cast of characters to be added to the already impressive showtime resume. I mean come on! They got Jon Voight! Exciting and engaging right off the bat, the quality of this season is clear. It also received the highest ratings for any Showtime series to date; obviously they must be doing something right. This gritty new experience fits nicely into the time slot right after Dexter.


Liev Schriber stars as the show's title character, a Hollywood "fixer" who knows what he's doing and clearly does NOT f**k around. Fixer meaning, if you're rich and famous and do something you weren't supposed to do, call Ray and poof! You're above the law! Problem solved. He can handle crazy situations because he's calm and always ahead of the paparazzi. He can easily manipulate big Hollywood players to his advantage. He's also extremely badass and not to mention dangerous!

The pilot showed off Ray's skills as being the best in town. He saved the star athlete from a sticky situation involving a dead one night stand. He states, "You think you're the first person I've dealt with, who woke up in bed with a dead body?". When it comes to solving illegal problems, he has experience and is obviously quite skilled in these matters. He calmly handles things and works it like a professional.

We also got a glimpse of Ray's family and the various important people in his life. His wife does not like the lavish neighborhood the family lives in and also suspects Ray of cheating on her with clients. However, we know that something bigger and worse is coming Ray's way besides his home and work problems.

Don't mess with wolverine's bro!  

Don't mess with wolverine's bro!  

The real big conflict this season stems from the release of Ray's father (Voight) from prison. We don't know yet exactly what it is that he went away for, but we do know that things did NOT go well the last time Ray and his dad spoke. We also know that his father blames him for "setting him up" and has come to LA to seek some sort of retribution. The conflict between Ray and his father will surly be a driving force in the coming weeks. Ray's clear resentment of his father suggests that the two probably worked together before and things went wrong. Ray has stated that whatever his wife thinks happened between the two of them, it is ten times worse! 

Will they be able to patch things up and let bygones be bygones? Probably not! There have been death threats after all.  Ray's brothers all seem to be much more welcoming to their father, which suggests that only Ray has a serious reason to hate him. What would happen if Ray's entire family turns against him? We'll just have to wait and find out! For more on the exciting and intense life of Ray Donovan, peep the character bio video below.