Keeping Up With The Kardashians - Part 8

Keeping Up With The Kardashians never fails to keep us glued to the TV screen - are you also one of those people who completely clears your agenda for Sundays at 9pm?

Season 8 has been on for about a month, and even though it's a little delayed from what is currently happening with one of the most famous families and its aggregates, the show still definitely satisfies our voyeur needs.


This season circles around Kim's pregnancy and divorce - yes, still that divorce. Is there a category in The Guinness Book for longest divorce? 


It only took 18 months for Humphries to stop using the idiotic situation to prolong the publicity stunt him and Kim aimed for when they got married.   


Well done! Did I hear alleluia? 


rob and kim.gif

Meanwhile, Rob has been going through the weight gain/depression drama. He's still being a jerk, per usual - the latest was to greet his very hormonal-pregnant-self-conscious sister with the lovely line "What's up fat feet?" 

The same sister he used some beautiful words to describe during the last family vacations aired.

His excuse for it? He felt neglected when none of his family members moved a finger to pick him up when his car got towed after he called whining. Maybe no one helped because he is always miserable and lying AND said he would be jogging. Quick tip, when people go jogging, they normally use their legs, not a car, to move. 

On a more positive note, Scott and Rob are one of the greatest parts of the show. Their ridiculous bromance reaches a higher level with each new episode. 

scott & rob.gif

Besides that, Kylie and Kendall are adding to the family's drama now that they are getting older. Bruce is becoming deaf - but that's old news, it already happened about two seasons ago. Khloe still doesn't have a baby, but is probably the most caring person in the family. And Kris Jenner keeps on trying to make as much money out of each member of her offspring as she can - which is also old news.  

And Kourtney... continues to have the cockiest and most sarcastic lines ever heard.

kourtney kardashian.gif

What do you think the episodes to come will bring? Keep watching and commenting on our page!