AMC Still 'Killing' it

Season three of AMC’s the killing is shaping up to be the darkest one yet. The victims this time are tragically all troubled teen girls living on the street.  As the body count rises, Linden and Holder will need to really focus in order to catch this season's psychopath. The killer has a distinct and definitive murder pattern that also suggests that Seward did not actually kill his wife. One thing is clear for right now: The Piper clearly knows how to… well… not get caught!


In "Eminent Domain", the most recent outing this season, Linden and Holder have hit a wall with the case. They cannot connect the dots so to speak with the various small amounts of evidence they have gathered. Connecting the Seward case to the current one has yielded very limited results. They lost their only witness due to Holder’s partner’s laziness and cannot locate their primary suspect Mills. On a more positive note, Kallie’s mom has at least finally started to show some signs of parental concern and begun to take responsible action. This is a first for Dannete, who may actually have a conscious after all! At least she knows that her boyfriend isn't who he appears to be and is behind her daughter's disappearance.


There was a slight plot hole here in that we don't really know what happened the moment after Joe realized Dannete found Kallies phone ringing, which was the cliffhanger ending of last episode. It's a shame that we didn't get to see what happened right where it left off. Where did Joe go and why didn't he just kidnap Dannete too for finding him out?

Intuition has lead Linden and Holder to suspecting minister Mike as well as Mills because of a possible sick religious based motive. Meanwhile, Seward's only friend in prison has committed suicide and he has had a surprise talk with his father. We really got a bigger glimpse into his character recently.  


But just who is the mysterious killer and what exactly is the motivation behind targeting these girls? Why does it seem that Seward originally accused of the same killing method from Linden’s old case took the fall for something he didn’t do? Something just doesn’t add up here. Thus far Seward, Mills, and now pastor Mike are all involved suspects. Mills and the pastor could be working together on a secret mission to be a "shepperd" to all of the troubled street girls in Seattle. Some answers will hopefully come when Mills is apprehend finally. It's really up in the air at this point. No one knows exactly why this string of murders is occurring. It just seems that this whole thing is too much for one person to have pulled off single handed. This is what leads me to believe that piper is actually a team of several people. It's possible that Seward has absolutely nothing to do with it. He could however very well be the mastermind. We don't know!  

seriously, Emmy for this man!   ^^

seriously, Emmy for this man!   ^^

Seward is by far one of the most interesting characters AMC has introduced in a series so far. Saarsgard delivers a chilling performance and you can't look away. His is the performance to watch this year. His creepy moments are especially memorable. The scenes with conflict between him, guards, the foster parents, Linden, etc make for some great development. Most recently we finally begun to see a more human side of Seward as Linden was talking with him again. His reminiscing of his son was one of the first serious moments of showing remorse and signs of humanity. He of course quickly snaps back out of this declaring that Linden should never come back to talk to him again. 

Overall, we are left with many questions thus far. As the second half of the season continues, Mills and minister Mike will likely be the best leads Linden and Holder have to figure everything out. We can at the very least, expect more well written suspense and character development in the coming weeks and more importantly, the undeniable ability of Saarsguard. It's only going to get more intense and crazy from here on out. Once again, AMC has produced a truly engaging show with memorable characters.