"The Sun"

The funny thing about True Blood is that while some episodes are like watching an old couple make out in public, uncomfortable, confusing and absurd, others like last night’s episode titled, “The Sun”, are intriguing, thoughtful and overall greatly entertaining. It’s been awhile since the vampire-centered show has made me feel any real emotion but after the end of last night, I felt fulfilled and even hopeful.

Sookie light ball CROPPED.jpg

After the first episode of the season, in which Sookie rescinds Eric’s invitation into her house as an attempt to live a “normal” life again, we weren’t sure Sookie’s storyline would be action heavy. Although we knew that Warlow was after the half-fae southern beauty, we weren’t sure if that plot point would come to fruition this early in the season. But with the arrival of Niall, Sookie and Jason’s faerie- grandfather, it seems like Warlow may attack sooner rather than later. In this week’s episode we found out that Warlow is not only free and after Sookie again, but also that he has been after her royal faerie family for thousands of years. The image of Warlow emerging from a portal on the bridge was enough to make us sick. Has the man ever heard of a haircut, or even a beard trim? Warlow looks like he’s straight off the Flying Dutchman from pretty much any of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Like honestly, was he living underwater for thousands of years? Why does he look so wet? Anyway, our fascination with Warlow was drawn out further once we found out that Sookie has the power to destroy him, but only if she uses up all her faerie powers by forcing them into what is essentially a giant light-filled grenade. Fair enough, we can’t say we would be sad to see the whole faerie plotline over with, but something tells us that even if Sookie loses her powers, we haven’t heard the last of the faeries. Our suspicions were confirmed when Sookie found an injured half-fae man named Ben on her way to work. Only Sookie finds attractive supernatural men in distress and somehow ends up saving them. We are somewhat interested in this Ben character, but if we have to watch Sookie make out with one more cute guy and leave him for Bill, we’re going to lose it.

eric nerdy CROPPED.jpg

Not one to lose sleep over a girl, Eric went off to play super hero in this week’s episode. With the governor declaring war on vampires and the human retaliation against the vamps soon following, Eric took it upon himself to try to stop the fighting by going straight to the source, the governor himself. Knowing that he couldn’t show up in his usual tight, all black attire, Eric disguised himself as a nerdy nature specialist who already had an appointment with the governor. After a quick outfit swap outside, Eric found himself face to face with the governor inside his office. Just when we thought Eric might have ended the war before it really began with his persuasive glamouring skills, the governor called in security and had him arrested. As promised by the general that Eric killed, the US government showed off their new anti-vampire weapons including contact lens that block the glamour of any vampire. In addition to the new lens are the silver bullets, which were used on Tara, that omit UVA rays, essentially burning a vampire from the inside out.  But just like in any good escape, Eric waits until the last minute to fly into the sky, leaving his captures puzzled and annoyed. By the end of the episode, Eric is no longer willing to play nice. After watching the governor’s daughter remove her glamour-free contact lens, Eric floats to her window and easily convinces her to let him in. Glamour or not, Eric Northman is always welcome in our homes, but something tells us the governor’s daughter might not agree.

sam and nicole CROPPED.jpg

In an unusual twist, Sam Merlotte’s storyline was somewhat interesting this week. While working at the bar, Sam is approached by a young, beautiful woman claiming to want to help Sam with his current situation of losing Luna and protecting her daughter. After a bit of arguing, Sam agrees to talk to the woman, Nicole, in the back. As Nicole leaves her group of friends at the bar, she gives a suspicious look and follows Sam to his office. It must be said that Nicole has quite the diverse group of friends. They honestly look like they stepped straight out of a community college pamphlet. But anyway, Nicole tries to convince Sam that he should come out to the world as a shifter. Even after a heartfelt story about her grandparents and the civil rights movement, Sam declines her offer and insists he has other things to worry about. Not able to take no for an answer, Nicole sticks around to spy on Sam with her trusty crew in tow. Just as Sam arrives at home to relieve Lafayette from watching Luna’s daughter, Emma, Alcide and some of his wolf pack show up. Apparently Alcide is not nearly as fed up with Martha’s voice as we are, because she appears at his side to collect her granddaughter from Sam. Even after Emma pleads to stay with Sam, Alcide and his motley crew fight Sam and Lafayette and eventually steal Emma. First of all, could this mean that Alcide is turning to the bad side? Even without his number one bitch by his side, he’s still testy and downright rude to both Sam and Lafayette. Secondly, how dare ANYONE hurt Lafayette.

As for most of the other characters this week, nothing noteworthy really occurred. Pam continued to sulk and Tara continued to do whatever it is that Tara does. Andy wandered around with his four daughters trying to find his faerie lover, but had no luck in that department. The biggest question in Andy’s situation is where is he getting all of those little girl clothes? I mean one of his daughters was wearing purple UGGs yet Andy can barely manage to dress himself, it just doesn’t add up.

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Perhaps this week’s most interesting storyline though, goes to Bill and Jessica. After three Lilith-like vampires inhabited Bill’s body, he begins to go crazy shouting that he can feel every vampire’s pain. He describes children being burned and a vamp being pulled by chains behind a truck, but Jessica can’t seem to make sense of any of it. Just as Bill goes deathly still in his chair, he enters an alternate reality where he is able to see Lilith in a sunny field. Lucky for us, Lilith is not covered in blood for the first time and is instead fully clothed, even if her dress is see-through. Lilith tells Bill that she is not a vampire god and that the one true God created her, just like he did Adam and Eve. She also tells Bill that he must fulfill her plans, believe in his visions and save the vampires. All while Bill is in this other world, Jessica is panicking. In an attempt to feed him, Jessica hires a blood prostitute. Just when Jessica thinks Bill won’t drink, he uses his mind to snap the poor hooker and funnel her blood through the air from her mouth to his. Even if Bill wasn’t aware of what he was doing, that blood move was super creepy. While Bill is still stuck in his dream world, Jessica begins to pray. She prays for each one of her friends and as she mentions their names, the camera shows them for just a moment. This was the best part of the episode because all of the storylines were able to merge, which is something True Blood is often missing. Jessica tied up the ending of the episode while she introduced what each of the characters would be concentrating on this season. And although Jessica isn’t sure if she believes in God, she isn’t ready to give up hope for her friends and most of all, Bill. This moment was quite touching and actually provoked emotion from the audience. At the very end of the episode, Bill snaps out of his motionless state and rejoins reality. We are left to believe that while Bill can see the future, it’s one that he hopes never comes true. He sees many vampires, including Eric, Pam and Tara burning in the sun. It almost seems like Bill may be more of a hero than a villain this season, which is something we can dig.