And then there were 11...

Last night on The Bachelorette, Desiree not only eliminated one of her hopeful gentleman callers but she also took the guys on a little trip to Atlantic City. When I think of the most romantic cities in the US, I don't immediately think of AC during a cold winter but it seems like both Des and the guys had a great time nonetheless.

The first one-on-one date of the week was awarded to Brad. Now you may be thinking, um, who is Brad?  And the answer to that question is, I'm not too sure. After the first three weeks of the competition, Brad has not left a strong impact. Apparently we aren't the only ones who feel this way because the guys all make it a point to say while Brad is a super nice guy, he's too reserved and quiet for Des. Once the two arrive at the AC boardwalk, they start to bond. They go on a few rides, including the super scary slingshot (way to man up there Brad), play some games, and walk arm in arm along the shops. After chatting along side the most extravagant sand castle I have ever seen, the couple heads to dinner. This is where the date starts to head downhill as Brad and Des cannot keep a conversation going. Between the awkward silences, Des figures out that Brad is not the guy for her. But instead of confessing her feelings at dinner, Des makes Brad walk up about a million stairs in the cold to reach the top of the lighthouse where she decides it's an appropriate time to break his heart. Despite being great on paper, Brad does not have what it takes to receive a rose. 


After we find out that James will go on the remaining one-on-one date, the rest of the guys head out to their group date with Desiree. Once they arrive at Boardwalk Hall, the men find out they will be competing in a Mr. America Pageant. With the help of the current Miss America and a world famous pageant coach, the men begin to prep for their talents, interviews and swimsuit competitions. Apparently, none of the guys aside from Zak W have a real talent, unless you consider Drew saying "hodgepodge" to be noteworthy. In front of a live audience, the Mr. America Pageant begins. Per usual, Brooks is charming, Zak is funny, Chris is awkward, Mikey is a meathead, Kasey is adorable, Juan Pablo is sexy, Ben is weird and the rest are somewhat forgettable. But when it comes to awarding the winner, only one can take the title. The second runner up is none other than the breathtaking Brooks. Zak W takes the title of first runner up, but the winner of the first Bachelorette's Mr. America Pageant is... KASEY! Although his win doesn't warrant an automatic rose, Kasey says he's taken a big step in the right direction and we agree. The second half of the group date is around a beautiful pool. After one-on-one time with some of the guys, we learn that Chris writes poetry, Ben has some weird attention issues and Zak W has some real musical talent that ultimately wins him a rose. 


The final date of the week is a helicopter ride over the Jersey Shore to see the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy. James and Desiree bond over their appreciation for life and the hurt that they feel for the Sandy victims. Once the helicopter sets down on land, James and Des are really able to see the damage up close and personal. They even meet a couple who survived the hurricane. Sadly, their house and belongings were not so lucky. After hearing the couple of 38 years say that their anniversary was the night of the hurricane, James and Des decide to offer them their wonderful dinner and date as a gift so that the married couple can celebrate their lifelong love and marriage. While enjoying a much humbler meal on their own, Des and James begin to talk about life and past relationships. James tells Des that he once cheated on a longterm girlfriend but he goes on to say that he would never repeat the same mistake and he would never even dream of hurting Des. After some more intense conversation, the couples met up to share a dance as Darius Rucker serenaded them with song. This one-on-one date definitely brought James and Des closer together. Des made her feelings for James known as she awarded him with a rose. 

Before we reach the rose ceremony, Bryden expresses that his feelings for Des are not as strong as they should be. He isn't sure if he wants to stick around because while their first date was amazing, his feelings for Des haven't grown since their that night together. Although we understand where Bryden is coming from (<--click the link to check out the prediction), it's a bit off-putting that Desiree has to prove her worth to Bryden. If anything, Bryden should be fighting to stick around but instead it seems that Desiree has to convince Bryden that he should stay in the competition. After Bryden tells Desiree how he really feels, she urges him to stick around, which he ultimately does.  

The rose ceremony is a tough one. While Desiree has feelings for all the guys, she has to eliminate one. In the end, Des gives a rose to every guy except for Zack W. Although he is crushed, Des had to look out for her own best interest and she doesn't regret her decision.

Now that there are 11 guys left, the group is headed to Munich, Germany to enjoy beer, sausages and breathtaking castles. But even after traveling thousands of miles, the drama is not left behind. In the scenes for next week it seems like James may not be as sweet and kind as Desiree thinks he is. (<-- click the link to check out the prediction) Also, it looks like there may be a fight involving two of the guys, but what could it be over? We are dying to find out who James really is, if Ben will finally be exposed as a liar and just what happens to cause a fight between two upstanding gentleman. (<-- click the link to check out the prediction) All this and more will be revealed next week on The Bachelorette.