Intense Battles, Creepy babies, and Mind Control. TNT's Falling Skies Returns with a bang

The intense two hour premier of TNT's falling skies left us with many unanswered questions. Can the Volm really be trusted and what's next for these characters in the war? Tom and the resistance's fight has been going on for some time now. There is the hope that it might soon be over, especially if the Volm's new secret weapon plan comes to fruition. Overall, the action really ramped up these episodes with some well shot battle sequences throughout. Taking into account all of the new unanswered questions, this new season might just shape up to be the most ambitious one yet.

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To begin, there has been a 7 month gap between the events of last season and now. Tom is now the elected president of the new united states, the Volm have become human allies, Hal is mysteriously paralyzed and having strange "sleep walks", a mole has surfaced in Charleston who leaks battle plans to the Espheni and kills Dr. Manchester, and Tom and Anne had a baby, who just might be alien. Or at least part alien! There really is a lot of stuff going on here.

The new alien race, the Volm have really helped Tom and the resistance turn the tide of battle. This new alliance has created quite a bit of controversy among the survivors in Charleston. The Volm agenda, according to Weaver appears to be too good to be true. They claim to be traveling from planet to planet helping other races defend against the Espheni because they have also been attacked by them. They have been a huge help by providing new beneficial technology, weapons, and strategies for the fight. Hurray for removing those pesky harnesses! The possibility of secret evil intent is still possible however. Could they really be the good guys and wanna help the humans out as they claim, or could this all be a ploy to gain Tom's trust only to attack later?

How about a date? 

How about a date? 

Cochise, the polite and intelligent speaker of the Volm has given Tom many reasons to trust him. The bigger concern however centers around the strange weapon being constructed underground under Tom's agreement. According to Cochise, this device has the ability to end this conflict once and for all. Now that Weaver and more members of the resistance have found out about this project, the anti alien tension is unfortunately only getting worse. A large amount of the suspense for season three will be around whether or not we can trust the Volm.


Let's not forget the new baby with increasingly strange behavior! The momentous birth of Tom and Anne's baby girl Alexis brought about new questions. This baby is super creepy! She already said her first words just barely out of the womb, seems to be aware of things, and almost scheming something. Could Anne have been secretly impregnated by the Espheni or have they done something to her or Tom's DNA we're not aware of? Clearly Alexis's bizarre behavior is not normal for a newborn child. This could be a crucial development in the story. What happens if Alexis is an alien? Will she grow up with inherent evil anti-human traits? Will Tom and Anne be able to condition her? Is she part of something huge for the Espheni? 

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There's also the growing problem of Hal's "sleep walks". Thanks to the now evil Karen becoming the new overlord and planting a bug in his brain, he has been suffering and moving around without being aware despite his unexplainable paralysis while conscious. Karen's mind control could possibly be the answer to who the mole is. Is she controlling Hal to do her bidding? What's even worse is that they used to be dating, so this complicates things. Could Hal even change sides with enough of Karen's manipulation and mind control? Is it even up to him? Karen is definitely going to be a major threat this season and not one to ignore.

Alien gats = dangerous  

Alien gats = dangerous  

The mole issue must be solved first and hopefully soon as it has already costed the resistance lives and precious time. We have seen poor Dr. Manchester killed at the hands of this mysterious black figure. Two of the resistance's missions were nearly fowled up because the mole was able to leak the attack plans to the Espheni. It could really be anyone. A lot of evidence would again point to Hal due to his inability to control his actions. It might even be someone we'd least expect such as Weaver or Pope. Series writer Remi Aubuchon stresses that finding out the identity of the mole is a major problem this season. It will have a bigger impact than anyone can imagine!

With all these new opposing forces coming into play in season three, it looks as though the fight for Tom and the survivors is far from over. We'll just have to be patient and tune in next Sunday the 16th to find out more. With Tom addressing the survivors we were reminded of just how effective the power of the human spirit can be. It's necessary to stay optimistic against all odds.  For another extensive look at the new exciting season check out the behind the scenes video below!