Putting Family First

A recurring theme in the series is putting the family first. Many of Walter’s actions have been for what he believes to be the greater good of his family. He has done many horrible things however and it really depends on where you draw the line. He may have his other reasons dealing with his ego for choosing to go into the empire business, but a key one is definitely to make sure his family will be taken care of when he’s gone.


Skylar eventually decided to join in on the operation as well and must play along to avoid further complications. Hank has to take into account that his wife would be devastated to find out her sister aided in drug running and money laundering. Another problem is continuing to hide the truth from Walter Jr. What will Hank choose to do now? What will happen if Walter Jr learns the truth? The stability of the family is now, much like Walter, a "ticking time bomb". 

Overall, issues will continue to arise should more characters find out the truth about the family business. Now that Hank has figured everything out he is faced with a difficult challenge because his whole family's safety is at risk. He has the ability to protect or expose them.  He, Skylar, and Walter can either band together or fall apart at this point. They all have the same secret and must make decisions on how to deal with it. This of course will make for more great character development. The family faces the same problem the Botwin family did in Weeds  : protecting the children from the truth. Like Nancy hiding her pot selling operation from her kids, Walter has been exposed to a few key characters but not his children. There will be an emotional turning point if the whole family finds out.    



Walter jr.  has been through so much as it is with the “marital problems” his parents have been having. He’s been lied to constantly and has become very upset. It's likely that all the new fast cars in the world wont be enough of a bribe once jr learns what's really happening. But could he possibly learn to support his parents and accept the harsh truth?  

Hank must now decide to turn Walter in, keep quiet for the time being, or attempt to protect him. If he does tell someone about his discovery who will it be? It certainly shouldn't be Walt jr, but jr will know if Hank turns in his father.