What will Hank do?

For Breaking Bad, the first half of Season 5 was very suspenseful and exciting to tune in to. We learned more about the many uses of magnets, tricks for getting the DEA off your tail, and of course to dislike Skylar for being such a hater! The big buzz now for the final half centers around the cliffhanger ending. It's amazing what can be discovered while on the toilet! Hank has a lot of power now going into the finale. He now has the ability to make or break Walter's empire. 

Many fans watched on the edge of their seats during the conclusion as Hank finally put two and two together with Gale's recovered book and realized the true identity of the infamous Heisenberg. Now faced with one of his most difficult challenges, Hank must decide what he will do next about his brother in law. Will he chose to put family first, taking into account Skylar's involvement, or will he stick to his responsibilities and expose Walter? Will he be able to confront Walter and Skylar about the sudden mysterious success of the car wash? Perhaps, he will continue to play along and pretend that nothing is wrong. It's all up in the air. At this point the suspense will only continue to increase as the August 11th premier draws nearer.


Walter has done many horrible things in achieving his empire and his work speaks for itself: manufacturing and distributing millions of dollars of that "blue stuff", participating in and organizing multiple homicides, and lying to all those close to him along the way. There are some who will side with Walter and root for him until the end despite all of the bad things he has done. He was ultimately just trying to protect and provide for his family in the end. Walter and Skylar both, while at different points, realized the desperation of their financial situation and thus the necessity of turning to illegal methods to survive. But will Hank be able to understand this and accept Walter and Skylar's actions ? Will he sacrifice all he has worked for in order to protect his family?  The final half of this season will present Hank with what will likely be one of the toughest decisions of his life and career.  

I think we're gonna need a bigger car wash

I think we're gonna need a bigger car wash