Ooooh Snap, Don Draper is Back! (Spoiler Alert!)

Last night marked the triumphant return of Mad Men in a special two-hour premiere (which was really closer to one hour with AMC commercial breaks, but I digress.) It looks as if all our dearly beloved surrounding Sterling Cooper Draper Price are up to their old antics: Roger's being snarky and childish, Pete's being insufferable (but seemingly not so mopey), Peggy's kicking ass and taking innumerable names, Megan's being flouncy and optimistic, Joan's being classy and getting shit done, and Betty's being reserved and feeling connected to a troubled kid while her husband--the prototypical Stepdad--lovingly supports her.

And, of course, Don returns to us as brooding, enigmatic, and existentially lost as ever. Last season was all about Don struggling with his impulses and his morality, and how those two things compose his identity, past and future. He seemed to really have a shot at forming a life with Megan--if he took it. But of course, he hasn't taken it, and of course, his identity isn't resolved. He's sleeping with the wife of what seemed to his closest chance at a genuine friend, despite the undying love of his young, beautiful, devoted wife. What's more, the young soldier's lighter seems to be following him around like some sort of a haunted talisman, reminding him that he's living in a war, in a time of war both physical and metaphysical, and that illusions of normalcy are just that: illusions. 

I wonder where the rest of the season will take us...