Buckwild Kids Getting Wilder

Buckwild is the type of TV show we can definitely call a gift that won't stop giving. 

After season 1, the first and only (for happiness of some and deadly sadness of others), we already had two major happenings with the so calm and behaved kids.  

Shawna was arrested twice: once for possession and tentative to sell drugs, and another for failing to appear to court and failing a drug test. Way to go!

Cute or not on the mugshot?

Cute or not on the mugshot?

Only a few months after Shawna's arrest, Shain was found dead. He was victim of carbon monoxide poisoning after his truck got stuck in a mud puddle during a mudding trip. His uncle and a family friend also passed away in the same occasion.

The newest about the prodigious kids is that Shae Bradley and Jesse J - her former boyfriend - performed in a homemade sex tape. 

Nobody could have guessed that some sort of sex tape would come up at some point. 

She looks so innocent...who could ever tell? 

Licking cheese spray off Joey'chest and stomach on TV.

Licking cheese spray off Joey'chest and stomach on TV.

 One word for the above caption: classy!

It seems like her so lovely ex-boyfriend tried to sell the tape, but Shae found out before it happened and went nuts. 

Now that the second season of the show was canceled, they gotta find a way to make money somehow...Jesse J thought he found his money fountain.

She took him to court and the judge ordered the tape to be destroyed. My best guess is that the judge has a young daughter who lives in West Virginia.

After the judge's deliberation, Jesse J said the whole thing wasn't necessary at all because he had burned the tape as soon as he learned he would be dragged to court over it.

Oh yea. Should I laugh now?

Who in complete sanity would burn a sex tape that could potentially provide you with lots of money and props from all your buddies? 

Jesse J would, clearly. I'm sure also, he didn't keep a copy of the treasure. 

Buckwild kids, all I have to say is...