Shameless Season Finale

Shameless is sadly approaching the end of Season 3, but there's still a lot to be revealed and tied together. 

I particularly love the eccentricity, madness, and lack of sense with which everything happens in this show. It's like they live in a parallel universe where people just do whatever they want.  No consequences, no judgement; after all, everyone has a few screws missing. 

In case you missed the last few episodes, here's a run-through of what's going on. 

Frank was taken into custody by the police after he and his younger son robbed a house. That's some quality parenting right there.

                            This child is perfectly normal.

                            This child is perfectly normal.

It seemed like we were going to see yet another d-bag move by Frank, in his classic "Get in Trouble; Abandon Children" style. However, surprisingly, Frank rose to the occasion and did something responsible for once. While cops were arresting Carl for the robbery, Frank appears and confesses he forced his son to do it. He then lets them arrest him instead of Carl.

Don't get too excited: two seconds later we see the inevitable alterior motive behind Frank's good deed: after unsuccessfully double-playing the gay and homophobic organizations against each other,  Frank was broke and homeless and needed a place to stay. And jail is as good a place as any, right? 

So, in other words, Frank is once again given the choice to do something worthwhile in his life and somehow manages to ruin it by winding up in jail. Shocker! Nothing better than some jail time to let him continue to avoid getting a job.

In other Shameless news, Fiona had a fight with Jimmy and almost ended up in bed with her boss Mike. In my opinion, sleeping with Mike could have been one of the best moves she's made so far. I would exchange skinny, big-headed Jimmy for hot, full-package Mike any day. But Fiona...well, Fiona loves Jimmy, who can't even work at a coffee shop without messing up the orders.

Speaking of Jimmy, he's now MIA because he messed up his marriage agreement with the Brazilian drug dealer's daughter. Apparently, she lost her green card because Jimmy wasn't there for one of the immigration agent's visits. So the girl's father comes from Brazil and takes Jimmy on a little "boat trip." And we all know what that means...tchau tchau Jimmy!

Ian is still going after Mickey, who insists on marrying a Russian prostitute to prove to his father he's not gay. Just before the wedding, Ian shows up and confronts Mickey. Then they have angry sex, and things seem to be ok again. They're not, though, because Mickey still gets married and is once again pissed off.

Moving along, the love triangle between Mandy, Lip and Karen is totally on fire.

Mandy has been doing everything in her power to make Lip like her, which doesn't seem to be working: he keeps treating her like dog shit, as he always has.

                      Even Debby knows it...

                      Even Debby knows it...

When Karen comes back, it only serves to make Lip and Mandy's relationship even more difficult. The girl has an uncontrollable urge for sex and is totally promiscuous: I mean, she was dating Lip, married Jodi and had somebody else's Asian baby...

She starts off her big comeback by taking Haimy away from her mother. Then, she goes after Lip and tries to resume their relationship where they'd left it off. She unfortunately fails to acknowledge that Mandy exists.

Mandy, meanwhile, is still trying her best to please Lip and make him like her. And when I say trying, I'm not giving her the proper recognition at all. Mandy will lick the floor clean if Lip asks her to do so.

Now, on top of everything else, she has to compete in Karen's dirty game. I will confess that I am team Mandy 100% . She is very clingy and annoying sometimes, but she just wants him to like her. Karen, meanwhile, is the biggest manipulative bitch on earth.

Anyways, Karen pushed Mandy so far that Mandy ended up running her over with a car. I know, a little too extreme, but Karen totally asked for it. At the hospital she was put in an induced coma, but even after the meds were cut off, she didn't wake up for a while.

You missed one of the craziest scenes if you didn't see how she came out of her coma. The doctor tells Jody that if he does with Karen "things that she likes," she could wake up. He takes the advice to the T, and starts to perform cunnilingus on her.

You read right: the unimaginable happened, and it worked. Karen responds and wakes up. As crazy as it was, it totally makes sense that sex was the only thing that would get her to wake up. 

Jody then brings the whole hospital crew into the room to say proudly how he brought the girl back up from her coma. Let's talk about crazy, people. 

Even as a vegetable, I still can't feel bad for Karen. Lip can, though, and broke up with Mandy after he found out what she did. 

And, last but not least in the world of Shameless, Steve and Vicky have been trying to have a baby. However, like everything else in this show, there's a super weird part. Since Vicky is sterile, she has been forcing her husband and her mother to have sex, so that her mother could carry a baby for her. 

Did you also announce that your mother is pregnant with his baby?

Did you also announce that your mother is pregnant with his baby?

Now that I  think about it... 

If Vicky's mother is pregnant with a baby conceived by having sex with Steve, that means that Vicky's son/daughter will actually be her sibling. I honestly don't know if anything could ever be any weirder than that.

With all that's happening, whoever misses the finale will probably miss one hell of an episode!  It will be aired on Sunday, April 7, on Showtime.

What are your best bets for each character's end of season?