Celebs are Funny? April Fools Jokes

Besides the great jokes the internet pulled, yesterday was kind of a bust for me in the pranks department. Celebs, however, had a grand ole time with their day. Celebs came out of the woodworks to play jokes on us, some were more successful than others, which were just plain awkward...

The winner of celebs with April Fools jokes is Snooki who took to photoshop to pretend she eloped. Don't do that, Snooki! If she doesn't have a televised wedding, I don't know what I will do.

Picture 9.png

The actually look pretty sweet. 

Picture 7.png

Tyra knew exactly how to pull a prank, because I wouldn't be THAT surprised if there was a big forehead cycle on ANTM. She poked fun at her never-ending show: honorable mention.

Picture 12.png

I just like Miranda Lambert, so props. 

Picture 11.png

Now starts the awkward series. An "I'm getting married" April fools prank usually suggests that you feel kind of insecure about not being married and are trying to laugh it off. I'm guessing Michelle Trachtenberg tweeted this and then bought a veil and a bottle of tequila to cry in the bathtub with. 

Picture 10.png

Is this funny? In lieu of Teen Mom 2's Janelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry getting pregnant again, not to mention Leah Messer having a third kid, this isn't the best prank. #toosoon?

Picture 8.png

Lindsay, no no no. What were you thinking? This is not funny for even one minute. Lilo was all, "it's a joke, guys" but can you imagine how a pregnancy would add to this huge mess?  Let's focus on your rehab first. 


In other news, sometimes things happen on April 1 and it's not a joke. These came up on my twitter feed and I felt bad about the timing:

Picture 2.png
Picture 3.png

Things also come up that you try to hint awkwardly at, "umm... April foolz?" no. Not a joke, sorry Cory Monteith. 

Picture 6.png
Picture 4.png

Rebecca Minkoff on RHONY? Not a prank? Why?! You have a real job, Rebecca, why subject yourself to those dinner parties and catfights?