Hot Clip of the Day: The Simpsons Take On Breaking Bad

Good morning, Insticators! If you're familiar with The Simpsons, you know that there have been plenty of hilarious couch gags during its 24 (yes, you heard me right, 24) seasons. Originally, using a different couch gag for every show was posed as a response to the shortening of show openings to just a few seconds of a logo or a theme song. The Simpsons fought back by making their show opening a legit part of the show, not something rote or boring. Lots of couch gags have actually become more memorable than the episodes they preface. I'd venture to say that our Hot Clip of the Day--the couch gag from "What Animated Women Want"--is one of them. 

I'm crazy about Breaking Bad, but I've definitely seen some not-so-great parodies of the show's iconic style. In my opinion, The Simpsons hit the ball out of the park with their take on Walt and Jessie in a cook (and Hank in hot pursuit.) Just check it out: it's awesome.