New Blood on Boardwalk Empire's Season 4

The HBO series Boardwalk Empire comes back for season 4 later this year with a few new faces! If you are a fan, stay tuned! 


If you haven't watched any episodes yet, the show is a period drama based on Enoch "Nucky" Thompson' life, played by Steve Buscemi. Nucky is a political figure who rose to prominence and controlled Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the Prohibition, between the 1920's and 1930's.


He interacts with several historical figures in both his personal and political life, including mobsters, politicians, government agents, and the common folk who look up to him.

The federal government takes an interest in illegal activities in the area, and sends agents to investigate possible mob connections, and also look at Nucky's expensive and lavish lifestyle. 

Do you like how it sounds? Time for you to have your own marathon going and catch up on the last three seasons before the next one premieres! 

The new season is currently in production and new characters were added to the mob drama. Ron Livingston and Jeffrey Wright join as new regulars, and recurring Brian Geraghty comes back for a participation, along with Eric Ladin.

The newest announcement is Patricia Arquette. She will be playing Sally Wheet, a tough 
speakeasy owner from Tampa who  has connections with various local gangsters.


This will be her first big participation in a TV series since she wrapped up Medium, in 2011. 

Winner of four Emmy Awards, and two Golden Globes, the series is definitely worth the shot! If you haven't seen it, do it. You won't regret!

For those who are already addicted to it, what is/are your favorite character(s)? What are you expecting from Season 4?