Why Spring Kicks Ass, As Told By Mad Men GIFs

It's official, folks: SPRING HAS ARRIVED! Today was the second totally beautiful day this week, which makes two for two. As if that wasn't awesome enough, Mad Men came back this past Sunday. Clearly, we're elated. Spring is a kickass month, Mad Men is a kickass show, and i'm in love with GIFs. What better way than this to illustrate all three of those things at once? So without further adue...

It's awesome that spring is here because: 

It means that we can all finally take off our winter coats


And that we don't have to be all bundled up for our outdoor activities...whatever they may be... 


It means you can drive with the top down


It means you can start working on your lawn again

       Oh yeah, no one in New York has a lawn...

      Oh yeah, no one in New York has a lawn...

And open up all your doors and windows... 


Spring means it's generally time to be so happy you could just dance


And dance


And dance.... 


And dance some more


Followed, perhaps, by some dancing... 


And if for some bizarre reason you're one of those people who doesn't like spring, there's no need to cry... 


It'll be beach weather soon enough. 

                                                  Okay, fine, this one isn't a gif. Sue me.

                                                 Okay, fine, this one isn't a gif. Sue me.