Hot Clip Of The Day: The Real Harlem Shake

Unless you've been living under a rock on Mars or something, you've undoubtedly encountered one of the latest viral video trends, the beloved Harlem shake. In case you happen to be a Martian rock-dweller, here are some examples.

The Miami Heat's Harlem Shake:

A bunch of armies doing the Harlem Shake: 

The Backstreet Boys' Harlem Shake (complete with classic tandem dance moves and a nearly naked--and oddly super hot--Nick Carter): 

And Jon Stewart being a beast as usual and totally winning the Harlem Shake game.

The Harlem Shake meme has spread pretty much to every corner of the earth, as evidenced by this video of people doing their thing from Kentucky to Malaysia.

It seems, however, that the Harlem Shake is actually an entirely different dance that existed long before people started putting on horse-heads and feather boas and getting their pelvic thrusts on.  

When asked about the Harlem Shake, many residents of actual Harlem seemed pretty damned confused. Someone decided to make a reaction video, which you can see here: 


Some people were actually pretty pissed off, because they weren't so down with having their names dragged through some pretty air-humpy mud. So we at Insticator decided it was time to set the record straight. What's going on in the videos posted above is not, in fact, the Harlem Shake.  

THIS is the Harlem Shake, (and it's pretty damn cool): 

Here's an alternate version. 

It turns out there's actually a story behind the Harlem Shake, which originally came around in the 80's  . Here are some folks talking about it, and seeming none-too-pleased that it's turned into the weird viral sensation that it has.

So next time you decide you'd like to record one of those silly videos, remember: that ain't  the Harlem Shake.