What to Watch Tonight: Wednesday Edition

Looking for something to watch tonight? We've got you covered.



8PM, CBS:  After a medical emergency strikes, one castaway’s ability to compete is in danger.

Wait...this show is still on? What season are we in, 57?

American Idol

american idol.jpg

8PM, FOX:  The male semifinalists perform.

Get ready to watch Nicki and Mariah passive aggressively eye roll at each other!

The Rachel Zoe Project


9PM, Bravo:  Rachel’s spring collection debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week; gossip arises.

Drinking game alert: Have a drink every time Rachel says "I Die." Finish a liter of vodka if she actually dies.

Duck Dynasty


10PM, A&E:  Phil and Kay seek the services of a pet photographer from the city.

We've got to admit, this show is actually delightful. It's a nice break away from all the pregnant teenagers out there...



10PM, Comedy Central:  The dudes go on a midnight road trip for the ultimate breakfast burrito.

If you're thinking "so what?" remember that these guys smoke marijuana like it's going out of style, so hilarity is bound to ensue.