Miley Cyrus Quits Twitter

Oh, go cry me a river, Miley. Then, build yourself a bridge and GET OVER IT.

Miley threw a big old hissy fit yesterday because gossipers are stating she's called off her wedding to fiance Liam Hemsworth as a result of him cheating on her. So she did the sensible thing (HA) and swore off Twitter.


You know who gets mad and throws a hissy fit about gossip? People who know the gossip is true or people who are fame whores. I wonder which category Miley falls into?


Homegirl should realize it doesn't matter where you live, gossip is going to follow you wherever you go. She needs to put her big girl panties on and chill out. Not a day goes by where someone isn't accusing Tom Cruise of being gay, but you don't see him taking it out on anyone. He let's it roll right off his back.

Like an adult.

Grow up, Cyrus..