"Dance Moms": Chloe's Punishment Continues

If you thought losing Broadway Baby would have softened Abby up a bit, you're delusional and should seek help.

Sure enough, Abby was back on Bitch Mode 3000, despite the group winning last weeks competition AND the heartfelt condolence card the girls made her.

I swear, Abby doesn't even have to open her mouth, she just walks into a room and I get angry.


Predictably enough, Maddie was on the top of the pyramid this week. You know what would be the worst drinking game ever? Taking a drink every time some one other than Maddie is paid a compliment by Abby. It would be the worst drinking game ever because NO ONE WOULD EVER GET TO DRINK.

Chloe's punishment continued with her still not including in the pyramid. Abby, stop trying to bring my sweet Chloe down. When she gets a case of the sads, I get a case of the sads.



I don't know why Abby hates on Chloe so much, maybe it's because Chloe is perfect?

Seriously, I give this little girl some serious props. Her mom isn't forcing her to be at the studio, heck, Christie wouldn't have a problem taking Chloe elsewhere, the kid is chock full of talent. No, Chloe wants and chooses to be there and this little 12 year old isn't going to let Abby's petty comments keep her down. Bravo, Chloe! The second Abby bats an eyelash in a less than favorable way towards Maddie has that kid in tears, but not Chloe! She's our little soldier.

Need more proof Chloe is awesome? Here, take this:


We're going to end this on a WTF? note. For whatever reason (we're thinking for the mother's amusement,) Jill sets Abby up for some speed dating. Sounds pretty harmless, until you remember this is Abby we're talking about. One of her speed daters is a handsome, retired football player that happens to be a person of color. The first thing out of Abby's mouth?

"I've never dated a man of color before."


WTF, Abby?