The Future of Dating

Insticators, the new device that has everything to become a major madness among the tech fanatics is Google Glasses.

Wait for lines around blocks when it launches! If you don't have a sleeping bag or a tent, but are a tech freak, go get'em!

In a brief explanation, Google Glasses consists of a camera and a computer screen bonded together, with the extra feature of being voice activated. If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, check it our here.

Now, how cool is this little thing?!

It will be released to the pubic in 2014. Whoever is planning on getting a pair, should prepare their pockets though: they will be on the market for $1500 a piece!

The whole buzz about the device opened a sea of possible things to do with it. It also got people wondering what is going to happen with relationships when Google Glasses become an every-day tool. I came across this video and agree 100% that dating will become something like this!

What do you think about Google Glasses? How do you think it will change people's lives? Will you be willing to spend $1500 on a pair?