Stuff That Matters: No Matter What Happens, Keep Going!

Here at Insticator, we are all a mix of personalities and have very distinct backgrounds, just like in pretty much every company. Yet we treat each other like close friends. We are always respectful to each other, and always offer that extra hand whenever needed. And this is part of what I want to show everyone with the “Stuff That Matters.”

I've been a public relations intern at Insticator since January and have been learning new things every day, as well improving what I already know. That makes me enjoy even more what I'm doing – plus the cart wheels that Chanelle provides us with, and the chair wheeling we do ever-so-often.

I was born in Brazil and moved to the US a little over five years ago to learn English and, subsequently, to go to college. I have been through some of the craziest situations and quite a few struggles by being far away from home and from my family. But I overcame each of them and got something out of each one. Sometimes the outcome was good, sometimes it was not.

I come from a family where my mother has always been very independent and strong, while my father always treated me like a little princess made out of crystal. He was always overly protective, and my mom would definitely give me the kick on the butt whenever it was time to get things done.

They have always said that whatever I want, all I have to do is to wish with passion and put the maximum effort to get it. That way, I will eventually achieve it.

I know I’m pursuing what is my passion, hard work does pay off and you certainly can do whatever you want, as long as you try hard enough. And when you get there...let it loose with a happy-dance!

Happy Dances are always the best!

Happy Dances are always the best!

To make your way though, you have to make sure to surround yourself by those who truly wish the best for you. Live and learn every day. You will never know enough, nor will you ever have lived through everything there is to live. Be open to what’s new and don’t give up at the first obstacle, they come to make life more interesting!