Dallas: What’s Old is New and Better Than Ever!

Guest blogger Sara Paili is on a roll today! Take it away, Sara!

It’s been the “Year of the Sequels” in movies for like, 6 years running. The trend’s been catching up to television for a while, what with Smallville, Hawaii 5-0 and Nikita just to name a few. So I’m not really that surprised that Dallas came back to life.

What is surprising is that it’s a halfway decent soap opera. And it’s different because it’s got ordinary people and it’s still interesting. Well, as ordinary as a rich oil baron dynasty in Texas can be. There are no angst ridden vampire covens, brooding superheroes or sexy super spies at least.  

Here are some reasons to tune into Dallas this month (And DVD the 1st season!)

The Hot Offspring: Two gorgeous men tussling for dominance and women whose looks can kill – and sorta do. Jordana Brewster from The Fast and the Furious is finally back on our screens as a major love interest. And Josh Henderson is a Dallas, Texas native. See if you can tell that his accent’s better.


The generational shift: You don’t normally see older actors get so much play. Usually there’s only one. But watching Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman and the various Texas oil patriarchs go toe to toe in their sweaters, cowboy boots and wide brim hats is entertaining as hell.

The political angle: Oil, Alternative Energy sources and Fracking. All are in some way woven into this plot. Now granted, the real fun is the love and betrayal of our favorite main characters. But still, let no one say that Dallas has no relevance.

JR’s funeral: It’s always a challenge to integrate real-life loss into TV shows, but it’s also interesting to see how the director and writers plan to do it in Season 2. It’s great that the series is going to give Larry Hagman a proper goodbye after his fight against cancer. When the character of JR  Ewing came onscreen in the second Season Premiere, it was like a piece of the actor living on. 


Are you Insticators already watching? If not, are you now convinced to jump on board?