Spoiler Alert: "The Walking Dead" Episode "Clear"

We warned you last night, and we'll take a moment to warn you again:

Serious spoiler alert in progress for The Walking Dead, episode "Clear." Consider yourself warned!

All the wusses gone? Good. Let's get down to biznass.

Oh hey Rick, you still crazy?

Oh hey Rick, you still crazy?

First off, props to The Walking Dead writers for giving us an episode that doesn't have to do with Woodbury, anyone from Woodbury, Merle or (thank you to the powers that be) Andrea. In fact, I'm calling it now, Andrea kicks the bucket this season. Her character is done, quite frankly.

I'm part of a trio that's been discussing the goings on and the "guess what happens next" of The Walking Dead, though lately it's just been a duo (Yeah Mike, keep using your newborn daughter as an excuse, let Randi and I fend for ourselves, thanks!) For the past few weeks, I've been the one to continuously bring up "But wait, remember the father (Morgan) and son from season 1 that take Rick in? The one with the walker wife/mother? When are they coming back?"

And by the past few weeks, I mean I've been asking this since season 2.

Last night, I finally got my question answered. Eat it, non-believers.


As we all saw, Morgan has gone a little off the deep end, but I don't blame him. My heart broke hearing how his son became a midnight snack at the hands of his wife, especially when he asks Rick if he ever found Carl. Awkward much?

My trio (along with most of the internet) tends to hate on Carl, and we had a "Well, don't I feel like an asshole" moment after we saw what Carl goes through just to get a picture of him, his dad and his mom, all so his baby sister could see what mommy looked like. Way to go Carl, way to go.

Also, let's give a round of applause for Sass Queen Michonne:


However, Morgan's refusal to join Rick left us feeling like this:


Fingers crossed that they keep banging out episodes with last night's level of greatness.