Hot Clip of the Day: Do Not Parkour Over A Cop

I can't believe I actually have to say that you shouldn't parkour over a cop, but I guess public service announcements like these need to be made. If for whatever reason you feel absolutely compelled to parkour over a cop, at least let it be a buddy of yours.

This is another Hot Clip of the Day that makes me wonder if it's fake, however. The most blatant thing I have an issue with is that the cops say they are going to delete the footage, and you see at the end that a cop picks up the camera and (I assume) hits the stop button.

Well, what happened after that? Did the cops suddenly have a change of heart? "Sorry we were being such douchebags, here, have your tape back and carry on with your way good sir!"

I doubt it.

Also, what are they arresting him for? Is parkouring over a cop really a threat on their lives? Something doesn't smell right here, and I think the cops were in on this stunt.

What's your take: Real or Fake?