Aaand the Republicans are Trying to Rebrand Themselves Again.

The RNC announced today that they plan to spend ten million dollars on a branding and marketing campaign to give themselves an image makeover. This is all in response to the last round of elections, in which Republicans lost the presidency and a whole mess of legislative power. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says that rather than focusing on the "numbers war" (which he says they did a "pretty good job of",) they're going to have to hone in on winning the "heart war."

Reincey-poo says the campaign will involve ongoing involvement in individual communities. Specifically, he stressed that they will change nothing about their policies or their beliefs, but rather will focus on changing the way they message them. At the National Press Club in Washington, he announced that the RNC "has gotta do a better job helping people understand what our principles are in terms that they deal with every day." He stressed that "if you're not there in the community...then silly things like Todd Akin...goofy things that are said...the caricature becomes true if you're not there...if you have no relationship to explain anything."


First of all, Reince (if that is your real name,) last I checked, the numbers war refers to votes. So I don't think you did all that well on that front. Let's be real.

Secondly, Todd Akin's comments were neither silly nor goofy. They were patently offensive, and particularly frightening and dangerous coming from a man who has legislative power. When a member of your party says that abortion providers are terrorists and that "legitimate rape" doesn't cause unwanted pregnancy (because, as you recall, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down), there is no context necessary  There is no way in which those statements can or should be explained away. The reason Todd Akin lost his campaign to a Democrat is not because people didn't understand your policies. It's because they did.

So...your whole re-branding scheme? It's sort of...

                                                           My thoughts exactly, Peggy.

                                                          My thoughts exactly, Peggy.

The RNC is responding to their recent losses by revamping their image, rather than by taking a serious look in the ideological mirror and trying to comprehensively change their policies to match the will of the American people. Reince-arella and his cohorts are assuming that the American people just don't get the obviously correct Republican stance on the issues, and that they desperately need the RNC dedicating millions of dollars to get all up in their neighborhoods and talk stooopid to 'em so they start voting for good team again.

Sorry, assholes, but you seem to be misunderstanding the situation. Many Americans have their problems when it comes to informed decision making: that's a fact and I'm not denying it. However, if the last elections demonstrated anything, they demonstrated a widespread dissatisfaction with the Republican party and that the American public is voting to voice that dissatisfaction. Of course, this is not to say that there isn't also widespread dissatisfaction with the Democratic party, but election losses like Akin's specifically show that people will not stand for his breed of ignorant-ass bullshit for long. Before his idiotic comments about "legitimate rape" became widespread--and, as a result, his other idiotic comments rose to the surface of popular knowledge--Akin was virtually guaranteed to unseat against Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill. Once people really "understood" his message, "in terms that they deal with every day", they realized that they didn't want to be represented by him, and they voted accordingly.  

So keep on pretending you can keep peddling the same outdated and generally offensive politics to people in shorter, vaguer terms. Keep on underestimating us. Anything to keep your classist, racist, homophobic, lady-hating asses out of working government. 

And I know you'd all like to appeal to your supposed biggest fan, but I've got news: Even he thinks you're tired as hell.