What to Watch Tonight: Weekend Edition

Happy Friday, Insticators! I'll be out enjoying the St. Paddy's Day festivities this weekend, but if you're stuck at home with nothing to do, why not give some of these shows a shot?

Friday March 15th

The World According to Dick Cheney


9PM, Showtime:  The life of the former vice president.

I really hope they cover the time he accidentally shot a guy, otherwise this isn't worth watching.

Saturday March 16th

Big East Basketball Tournament


8:30PM ET, ESPN:  Teams TBA

This would be way more entertaining if the mascots were playing.

Sunday March 17th

Selection Sunday


6PM ET, CBS:  The NCAA Tournament Bracket is revealed.

That sound you hear is of all the Bro's gathering together with their beers and brackets. Hey, Bro's, Beers and Brackets sounds like a GREAT title for a reality TV show! (Bravo, call me!)

The Amazing Race


8PM, CBS:  As the contestants face a double U-turn in Hanoi, Vietnam, one team receives crushing news.

Crushing news could mean just about anything, but rest assured I am already anxious.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta


8PM, Bravo:  Porsha waits until she’s with Kordell to take a pregnancy test.

I guarantee that this three minute pregnancy test is going to take at least a half hour of drama before we find out the results.

The Walking Dead


9PM, AMC:  The Governor chases a fleeing dissenter.

Plot Twist No One Saw Coming: The dissenter is really just a character in his mind, a la Fight Club. Damn, did I just break one of the rules of fight club?



9PM, HBO; Season Finale:  Hannah must write her book in a single day.

I hear Lena Dunham's character might get kind of naked in this episode.

Watching something else this weekend, or think there is a show we need to get on our radar? Drop us a line in the comments below!