My Strange Addiction Is The Wackiest Thing Going

I can securely say that My Strange Addiction is one of the wackiest TV shows I have ever watched!

Check out the promo video for its 4th edition, currently on air:

I don't even know what to start with. I had to sit back for a few seconds and process what I had just seen.

Who in the hell could obsessively think to LICK CATS?! Let alone become addicted to it because it sorta (and I use this word loosely) resembles cotton candy.

Have you ever had a cat cross your way and managed to go from "Aw, how cute!" to "OMG, I wonder what it tastes like." 

Me neither.

You probably have seen those people who are addicted to eating charcoal, crayons, chalk, soap, people who pull their hair and eat the roots. Etc., etc...

Unusual, but that's a walk in the park considering what's in the video above.

From the woman who is addicted to bee stings and says that "after at least 10 stings, the sex is great" (and you thought you were a freak in bed,) to the lady addicted to drinking blood who compares the comfort of drinking blood to "having a cold and drinking a hot toddy," that's when you need to tell them to put their crack pipe down, right?

My Strange Addiction is on every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on TLC. If you are curious to see what other bizarre-surreal-hard-to-believe addictions, tune on and let us know what was the craziest thing in your opinion!