Hot Clip of the Day: Lindsey Stirling is a Musical Goddess

Meet Lindsey Stirling. She is 3000 kinds of awesome.


Lindsey might look a bit familiar because she was the hip hop violinist quarter finalist from 2010 America's Got Talent. You're probably hating already, thinking "So what? She plays the violin, big deal."

Oh, Lindsey is a very big deal, my friend. She is a violinist, musician, dancer, performance artist and a composer. She plays the violin and dances at the same time! I can barely blog and eat my lunch simultaneously.

Our Ho Clip of the Day is the music video for Lindsey's song "Elements." Watch it and try not to be impressed, I dare you.

BONUS CLIP: Here's the music video for "Crystalize," which Lindsey is most known for.