Hot Clip of the Day: The Jeff Gordon & Pepsi MAX Prank

I'm picking this video as the Hot Clip of the Day because it has a little controversy surrounding it. Controversy goes deliciously with my morning coffee.

In a prank sponsored by Pepsi Max, Jeff Gordon (in disguise) takes a car salesman out on the road and shows him a few moves. The result is pretty predictable, but check the clip out anyway:

I had to admit I was a little skeptical myself that the salesman wasn't in on the prank/ad. By nature, if you so much as sniff in the direction of a car on the lot, a car salesman will swoop down on you and start convincing you that this car is your soul mate. So I found it a little hard to believe that no one picked up on the guy adding cameras to the car while Gordon and Co. were inside signing papers for the test drive.

Users on BuzzFeed are calling major B.S. Here are some of the comments:

Looks like someone did their homework...

Looks like someone did their homework...

Do I want to believe it's real? Sure, everyone appreciates authenticity and a prank that isn't really a prank leaves you feeling screwed over. Do I think this was Pepsi trying to find a way to become a viral hit? You betcha.

What's your take, Insticators? Is the prank genuine, or was everyone in on it from beginning to end?