Hot Clip of the Day: Billy Joel is the Man

I'm a big Stephen Colbert fan (Stephen, if you're reading this, I'm coming back for our rock, paper, scissors re-match) and some of you may know that he does a Q&A with his audience out of character before taping The Colbert Report. I was lucky enough to see the show on my 21st birthday and asked Stephen if he would sing for me.

He sang me a love song and I thought that was the coolest thing ever (I have witnesses for you non-believers.) Well, Michael Pollack taught me I asked the wrong question.

During a recent Q&A with Billy Joel at Vanderbilt University, lifelong fan Michael Pollack stood up and asked his childhood idol if he could accompany him on the piano for the song "New York State of Mind."

In the clip, you can see Joel think about it for a second and then say "Sure."

Watch the awesomeness below:

I've learned my lesson. Next time I'm at a taping of The Colbert Report, I'm asking Stephen if I can co-host the show with him...